A Biblical View of Gender Roles

Confusion over the roles of men and women is epidemic in our society. A growing number of adult men are shirking responsibility, playing video games, and letting women do all the work. And likewise, a growing number of women have open scorn and disrespect for men in general. Neither scenario brings honor or glory to

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The Peril of False Religions

     In our study of Mark 7, the members of Providence have been considering what Jesus taught about the perils and dangers of false religions. Jesus was very confrontational when truth was at stake.  In fact, throughout the ministry of Jesus, nothing received more of our Lord’s anger and fury than self-righteous, legalistic, ceremonial

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The Best Parental Counsel

     In reading through the Gospels, it’s very interesting to note the statements made by God the Father to those who stood around His Son at critical moments during our Lord’s earthly ministry.  We hear one such statement at the Lord’s baptism in Matthew 3:17. It is here that the Father says to the

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Storms & Providence

In the aftermath of violent storms and tornadoes, residents of Oklahoma have been in the national spotlight recently. It’s touching to see so many people unite to help their devastated neighbors.  In times like these, people often struggle to make sense of the sovereign work of God in the outworking of such storms and devastation. Yet

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Reports of Heaven

From time to time there are a flurry of books written by individuals who say they actually went to heaven and then returned to earth. Right now, there are several in the bookstores.  Currently, one of the more popular books is called “Heaven is for Real” about a four year old who reportedly slipped out

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A Mom Who Prays

   Because May is the month when Mother’s Day is celebrated, I wanted to share some encouraging thoughts about a mom who prays in this month’s blog.  For starters, I was personally blessed by God to have a mom who prayed for me and with me from the earliest days of my childhood. She began

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20.8.04 Blythburgh Free Range PorkFree Range growers.

Fallen Angels

In Mark 5, verses 10-12 we have that scene where Jesus commands a legion of demons to leave a man and they enter a herd of about 2,000 pigs. Verses 10-12 say… “And he begged him earnestly not to send them out of the country. 11 Now a great herd of pigs was feeding there on

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The True Sabbath

Where did the true Sabbath begin and what was its original purpose? In the beginning, Genesis 1:1 tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. He created everything that exists in six days and that He ceased creating on the seventh day. This establishes the seven day week; six days of work, one

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Why the doctrine of Hell Matters

Back in 2011 Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins made the subject of hell a very popular topic (I almost used the phrase “a hot topic” but the pun was too much for me). People were debating the subject of hell not only in churches, but in the media. The book made the relatively unknown Bell suddenly

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Mandatory Yoga?

In a recent news article, a story was published from a San Diego parent whose children are being required to attend yoga classes at their public school. The article went on to say: “Yoga is now taught at public schools from the rural mountains of West Virginia to the bustling streets of Brooklyn as a

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