2011 reformation sermon

Your Most Important Love

In light of our recent study of the church at Ephesus in Revelation 2:1-7, who or what have you determined is your most important love in life? We know the Christian answer is to say that Jesus is our first love – and He should be. Yet the reality of the matter is that everything

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Evangelism Series

In this series, Pastor Grant explains what the Bible teaches about how every Christian comes to faith in Christ. This teaching will strengthen your faith and help you better appreciate God’s active involvement in your conversion beginning in eternity past!      God’s Testimony of Your Salvation God’s Testimony – Part 1 God’s Testimony –

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Sometime during my visit to Colorado over the Christmas season, I lost a link in my wrist watch. The watch broke and fell off my wrist. I took it to a watch-smith, but the price seemed too expensive for such a small part. Ever since then, I’ve been going through my daily routine “watchless” never

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Understanding Luke’s Gospel

Since our Providence church family is reading through the New Testament beginning in Luke’s gospel and Acts in 2011, I wanted to provide you with some helpful background information. This will make Luke’s gospel more understandable and (I hope) aid your application of this truth. To begin with, Luke is the longest Gospel. Luke-Acts contain

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