New Providence Website

Now that our new Providence website has launched, I wanted to write a brief note about how grateful we are for all the hard work that went into this production.

The improved functions and navigability of this website will allow us to reach more people with God’s Word. This is the chief way we glorify God as a church — by making His Word known to the world around us.

Everyday, many people around the world are listening to the sermons we post online, both on this website as well as our sermon host, Many messages have been downloaded over 100 times and one message was even downloaded over 1,000 times! This is a tremendous return for the investment.

God’s Word continues to go around the world. It never returns void.

It is my joy to watch what God is doing in our church and among our members to bring glory and honor to His name, both where we live as well as around the world!

With joy in Christ,
Pastor Kevin