On Being Mortal

To be mortal means to be subject to death.

All the descendents of Adam and Eve are subject to death because of sin. Death entered the world because of one man’s sin; and apart from divine intervention, all mortals will one day surely die.

However, in the history of our human race, there were two mortals whom God spared from natural death. They were Enoch and Elijah.

God took both of these men to be with Himself before they died.

Both Enoch and Elijah were mortal in that they were subject to death their entire lives… and yet God intervened and permitted these two men to bypass physical death at the end of their pilgrimage.

In a similar way, Christ will also spare from physical death all believers who are alive when He snatches His church away to be with Himself before the Great Tribulation.

Like Enoch and Elijah, these believers are all mortal and therefore subject to death and yet like their prototypes in the Old Testament, they will not physically die.

Because of these special exceptions, we must note that not all mortals must die.

There is a special category of mortals who will not experience natural death before going to be with the Lord. We don’t know who will be in this group, but we do know they are all redeemed followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, all mortals should take note. Don’t wait! Run to Christ while it is still called today! Cling to Him and obey Him while you still have life and breath in this moment.

The time comes when mortals must die and the only mortals who won’t face death are those in union with Christ through saving trust in His finished work.

So whether we live or die, may we live in fellowship with Christ as mortals who await His sudden appearing in the sky or His taking us away through natural death.

Waiting with you,
Pastor Kevin