Storms & Providence

In the aftermath of violent storms and tornadoes, residents of Oklahoma have been in the national spotlight recently. It’s touching to see so many people unite to help their devastated neighbors.  In times like these, people often struggle to make sense of the sovereign work of God in the outworking of such storms and devastation. Yet

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Reports of Heaven

From time to time there are a flurry of books written by individuals who say they actually went to heaven and then returned to earth. Right now, there are several in the bookstores.  Currently, one of the more popular books is called “Heaven is for Real” about a four year old who reportedly slipped out

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A Mom Who Prays

   Because May is the month when Mother’s Day is celebrated, I wanted to share some encouraging thoughts about a mom who prays in this month’s blog.  For starters, I was personally blessed by God to have a mom who prayed for me and with me from the earliest days of my childhood. She began

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