The Best Parental Counsel

     In reading through the Gospels, it’s very interesting to note the statements made by God the Father to those who stood around His Son at critical moments during our Lord’s earthly ministry. 

We hear one such statement at the Lord’s baptism in Matthew 3:17. It is here that the Father says to the onlookers, “This is My beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.”

This is a great descriptive statement. It is rich with instruction all by itself. 

But another statement where the Father addresses those around His Son is more directive in terms of counsel. This occurred moments after the Transfiguration.

This is where the Father counseled Peter, James, and John with the words, “This is My beloved Son, listen to Him” in Mark 9:7. What amazingly complete and engaging counsel this one statement is! 

Listening to Jesus is the key to right thinking in every situation. This is the source of having the mind of Christ within ourselves. We must first of all listen to Jesus. 

We listen to Jesus in our day with our eyes as we read His Word, the Bible. We also listen to Jesus as we hear His Word taught by Spirit-enabled teachers and preachers. 

The Father’s counsel to all people, but especially to believers is this, “Listen to My Son!”

But Jesus also had a mother.

Although Mary was a sinner like ourselves and in need of a Savior herself (Lk. 1:47), she nonetheless gave magnificent counsel to those around her Son. 

In John 2:5 at the wedding at Cana, she gave such wise counsel to the stewards at this wedding. This is counsel that would be the death-knell of all hypocrisy if obeyed. 

What Mary said to these stewards is just as important as what the Father said at the Transfiguration. She told them, “Whatever My Son tells you to do, do it!” 

What supreme parental counsel is contained in these two statements from the heavenly Father of our Lord as well as from the earthly mother of our Lord! 

The Father’s statement points us to the Source of all truth and how we gain access to that truth. We must listen to Jesus. And the statement by Mary, the mother of Jesus points us to the application of what Jesus says to us. We must do what Jesus says. 

First, we must listen to Jesus who is the beloved Son of the Father. And second, we must do whatever He tells us to do. In these two statements is the substance of all obedience. 

Listen to Jesus and do what He says.

This is the best parental counsel you will ever hear. 

With love in the Truth,
Pastor Kevin