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Clarifying Lordship

The reformers had a saying that bears repetition in the dispute about Christ’s lordship. They said, “While faith alone justifies us, the faith that justifies us never remains alone.” Or to put it another way: the faith that justifies (or saves) us is the same faith that also sanctifies us. In short, if we don’t have sanctifying faith, we likely never

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New Church West View

From Catholicism to Christianity

As we prepare to celebrate Reformation Sunday, I’ve asked my wife, Jennifer, to share her testimony of coming to faith in Christ and leaving Roman Catholicism. Her personal story puts a human face on the need to evangelize Roman Catholic friends and family while there’s still time. Here’s what she wrote: “I come from a

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When God Says “No”

  “As Jesus was getting into the boat, the man who had been possessed with demons begged Him that he might be with Him.” [Mark 5:18] The man who had been possessed with demons begged Jesus that he might be with Him. That’s all he wanted after spending so long under the tyranny of Satan.

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