Spreading the Word

sermonaudioFor over five years, Providence has been uploading our weekly sermons onto SermonAudio for worldwide distribution of God’s preached Word around the clock.

The Lord has already used this online ministry to bless us in some incredible ways.

Not only have thousands of people benefitted from hearing our sermons and conference messages over the years, but we’ve even had families visit and even join our church (!) because they found out about Providence by listening to SermonAudio!

We also receive a steady flow of letters and comments from listeners. Just this week, I got an encouraging email from a missionary in Eastern Europe. He was writing to connect with our church for like-minded doctrinal fellowship.

In terms of numbers, our SermonAudio pages have been viewed over 24,000 times. The sermons themselves have been downloaded over 10,000 times all over the world. And in the five-plus years we’ve been using this site, the traffic to our sermon page is only growing. One sermon alone has been downloaded well over 1,300 times!

So God is using this online ministry to multiply the influence of every preached message. I’m so thankful that we live at a time when sermons can be recorded and preserved for future downloads. I’m also grateful to those who work in our sound booth to set the levels and capture the messages as they’re being delivered from the pulpit.

This is a noteworthy ministry to the Body of Christ. In fact, the audio and sound booth ministry of a local church may be one of the most highly-effective and yet under-rated ministries in a church.

Think about it: every online or national radio ministry starts out with sound people recording the sermon and setting the levels for optimal transmission to the public. It’s been this way for over seventy years, going back to the 1940s when sermons were recorded that are still impacting the world in our day.

Recording the preached Word is the most significant thing a microphone or soundboard can do. It’s worth the investment of time and money to make it work, because it has the potential to exponentially spread God’s Word to the greatest number of people.

God is using this technology in amazing ways!

For His Glory,
Pastor Kevin