One Small Light

A lot is said about light in the New Testament. The power of one small light was brought home to me recently.

A negative example

In our bedroom, there now happens to be a small, but bright light that really pierces the darkness. It’s just what you don’t want in your room at night when you need to go to sleep. It’s on a device that’s plugged in so it runs constantly beside our clock.

Now since I’m trying to sleep at night, this little light has become an irritating nuisance to me. It keeps me awake for way longer than a totally dark room would.

To say that this small light pierces the darkness is just to affirm the fundamental nature of light.

Light always overcomes darkness. And the greater and deeper the darkness is, the smaller a light needs to be to overcome that darkness.

This bedroom LED is a negative example of the power and influence of one small light.


A positive example

The positive analogies drawn from the power of light over darkness are numerous. As Christians, we may often feel like a very small and meager light when it comes to overcoming the evil in the world around us. I often feel this way myself.

But think of the brightness of even a reflected light.

On many nights, I’ve been able to see where I’m walking only because the moon above was full enough to cast a veil of light all across the ground.

Although the moon has no light of its own, it was made to reflect the light of the sun and cast its light.

The moon is a natural illustration of the way our Christian lives should be. Christ shines and we reflect Him in the world. 

As redeemed sinners, we have no natural light of our own; but in Jesus, we are to reflect the light of the Son on the dark world around us.


Our Influence

The fact is, we have no idea how much influence our little light in the world really has compared to the deepening darkness that gathers around us in society.

Jesus said it would be this way.

In Matthew 5:16, Jesus said, “…let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

In other words, the way we live, how we respond to the sins of others, makes His light shine through the darkness.

So be encouraged with your seemingly little light.

Through Christ. you’re much brighter than you feel! And the greater the darkness gets, the brighter and more powerful even a very small light becomes.


All for His glory
Pastor Kevin