Light for the Darkness

   As the old year draws to a close and the New Year dawns, the body of Christ reviews and celebrates the theology of Christ’s incarnation at this special time.

Christmas is a bright light in the otherwise dark season of winter. As in life itself, the darkness of the season makes light all the more brilliant and delightful.

We can never exhaust the truth contained in Scripture, especially around the subjects of the virgin birth and incarnation of the second person of the Trinity. That mine of truth is so rich with gold that it will never fail to produce fresh wonder and awe with every new exploration.

This season at Providence, we are exploring the virgin birth, the incarnation, and the kingship of our Savior. Each is related to the other and each shines with radiant light by itself.

However, we must also remember that if it weren’t for the resurrection of Jesus, we would never have had anything to celebrate at Christmas. It’s only the resurrection of Christ that gives Christmas any significance at all. 

So the reason we celebrate the Savior’s birth at Christmas is all because of what happened on that first Easter Sunday. Jesus rose from the dead… defeating our sin and our death. 

In the coming year, Providence will be continuing to study through the Gospel of Mark in the morning services — and on Sunday evenings, we’ll be going through the epistle to the Romans. 

We pray that 2014 will be a phenomenal year of spiritual growth in God’s Word and growth in spiritual fruit with new followers of Christ as well.

Praying to that end,
Pastor Kevin